Duncan was nine years old on 5/5. The day the extra season came.

He had just got used to the reversed seasons in Australia when Nova began, shoving boring old Autumn out of the way and pushing in between it and Winter. A new season of unrelenting starshine and luminous nights.

For Duncan, it was the most exciting thing ever! All the rest of the world wanted to know was: when will Nova end?

And will the world end with it?


Fifth Season is a short story that was released as a Kindle eBook in 2012. Back then, there was a lot of interest in the idea that because the ancient Mayan calendar ended on 21st December 2012, that time would also run out for all of us and the entire world would come to an end.

That idea was the inspiration for this story which is actually set over four years later, on 5th May 2017 – a day that is soon known around the world as 5/5 when an unexpected new season suddenly dawns.

Now that date has come around and will soon be a reality! So to celebrate this, Fifth Season will be FREE to download from Amazon for five days, starting on 4th May.

Whether the new season, Nova, will also become a reality is something we will have to wait and see…

The eBook contains a second short story called Nineteen Seventy-Steve. Like Fifth Season, this is written from a young boy’s point of view but is set in the past rather than the near future. For anyone who was young in the Seventies, there may be some bittersweet nostalgia reading this one! As a bonus, it also includes some drabbles, micro-stories which are exactly 100 words long.

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