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Signal Failure

Signal Failure ebook cover full sizeIt’s four in the morning and Emily is heading home on a London Underground train. But the Night Tube is running slow tonight – delays caused by a signal failure, as usual.

The train stops again, stuck in a tunnel between Tube stations. And then the lights go off. The motors cut out. Silence from the driver.

All the doors slide open at the same time, exposing the passengers to the tunnel.

To let them out?

Or to let something in?

Signal Failure is a 12,000-word short story set in the London Underground and is the world’s first Night Tube fiction. It is available to buy for FREE from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Nook.


On the moon, everyone has a dark side.

One hundred years in the future, enormous mining vessels scour the surface of the Moon, prospecting for valuable metals and minerals. Trapped onboard for months at a time, the crew use drugs, virtual environments, gambling and pitfights to make life bearable.

Joel Miller doesn’t need any of those things. He has a new reason to live.

An enemy.

Duallists is a 50,000 word science fiction thriller. This book is available to buy for FREE from Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Apple iTunes.

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Welcome to the Other Halves Valentine’s Day Speed-Dating Event!

My name’s Scott Rowley, your relationship assassin for the evening, and I’m here to kill something stone dead.

Roulette is a 4,000 word story from the Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin. This story is currently available as part of the novel Bang.

Roulette is available to download FREE from this site in multiple formats.



Joanna’s auto has checked her date’s timeline and reports he is 85% compatible with her. She’s found her match!

And then, moments before they meet, Joanna’s auto reports there is a 24% chance this man will kill her.

Timeline is a 10,000 word short story and is part of the Auto Series.

Timeline won first place in both the Science Fiction and Short Stories and Novelettes categories of the Best Indie Books of 2012 Awards, run by Indie Book Bargains.

Timeline is available to download FREE from this site in multiple formats.


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