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Timeline is a 10,000 word story set in the year 2022. The story is part of the Auto series, which looks at how social media will evolve in the next ten years, but is a stand-alone tale and can be read by itself.

Timeline won first place in both the Science Fiction and Short Stories and Novelettes categories of the Best Indie Books of 2012 Awards, run by Indie Book Bargains.

On Amazon, Timeline is rated 4.7 stars from 48 reviews in the UK, and 4.4 stars from 51 reviews in the US. Find out more and read reviews of Timeline.

The entire collected Auto series will be available as a paperback and ebook in 2013. Ask to be informed by email when this is available.

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The Auto series

Timeline is part of the Auto series, a collection of stories set in the year 2022, looking at how social media and other internet technology will evolve in the next ten years.

Each Auto story focuses on a different aspect of future life, and is a blend of technology thriller, suspense, science fiction and drama. Each of the five Auto stories is a stand-alone tale that can be read in any order.

In 2013, these will be collected into a full-length novel titled Auto (Book 1), including some exclusive new stories. Ask to be informed by email when this is available.

Find out more about the Auto series.