hostpot-cover-large-nonameMy forthcoming novel Auto 2 is comprised of eight stories that link together to form a full-length book. Following on from revealing the cover of the first story, here is the cover for the second.

Hotspot is a little different in that it already exists as a standalone story and has been available to buy since early 2014. It was originally published in an anthology of short fiction produced by the Kindle Users Forum called Off the KUF Volume 1, for which I served as editor.

At the time, I intended Hotspot to be an exclusive tale separate from the main narrative in the Auto Series. But while plotting Auto 2, I realised that both this and Tag, another story written for the anthologies, would both work well as part of the larger narrative.

Hotspot is told from the viewpoint of Siobhan O’Donnell, the younger sister of Joanna, the main character in Auto. Through her experience of a big night out in London, we see what clubbing has become by the year 2022.

Digital technology has transformed everything, from the way you order drinks at the bar to the way DJs mix and play music. Most significantly, since everyone relies on their autos to communicate, even the time-honoured methods of going on the pull have been updated.

As a young woman who has never known any other way, Siobhan is in for a life-changing shock when her reliance on the internet is challenged, leading to long-term repercussions that are explored in subsequent stories.

You can buy and download Hotspot from Amazon now or wait until the new novel is released and read it as part of the bigger story!

Auto 2 continues the Auto Series which looks at how digital technology and social media will evolve in the near future. The stories are centred around autos, personal digital assistants which manage people’s lives for them, and can even mimic their online behaviour. Find out more about the Auto Series.

Auto is available in multiple eBook formats and Auto 2 will be published later in 2015.