A brand new story from the Auto Series will be included in an exciting new short fiction anthology coming in November!

Over the past few months, I have been serving as editor for Off the KUF, a trilogy of anthologies produced by the Kindle Users Forum. These are collections of high quality short stories and novellas across a wide range of genres, written by talented indie authors. The anthologies will be published as Kindle eBooks on Amazon.

Hotspot is a brand new Auto story that will be exclusively available in Off the KUF Volume 1. Hotspot is a previously untold ‘side-story’ that takes place during the novel Auto, but can be read independently.

However, readers of my novel Fake Kate will recognise the nightclub Choon where Hotspot takes place, and learn what the nightlife of London will evolve into by the year 2022!

See below for a preview of Hotspot. For regular previews of stories featured in Off the KUF, visit the anthology Facebook page where you can also keep up to date on developments.

Off the KUF Volume 1 is due in early November, with Volume 2 in early December and Volume 3 scheduled for February 2014.

Find out more about the Auto Series.