profile-cover-ebookProfile is the fifth story of the eight which make up the forthcoming novel Auto 2. As can be seen, this cover is slightly different from the others in the Auto Series!

This story focuses on the character of Detective Sergeant Yvonne Young of the Metropolitan Police. DS Young is part of the Central Digital Crime Unit (CDCU) which investigates cyber-crime. This is something that has become less common since the introduction of autos, which permanently identify their users.

DS Young was first introduced at the end of Auto. This established her obsession with tracking down the ‘hacktivists’ responsible for producing powerful blackware, which allows people to break the International Internet Regulations that govern all online behaviour. It also made clear that Young somehow has access to the shameful secrets of almost everyone she meets…

Now, as the CDCU intensifies its investigation into the hacktivists, her personal crusade becomes an obsession. DS Young sees other people as insignificant, so doesn’t care how many lives get crushed along the way. Especially if Michael Walker, the man who invented the auto and public enemy number one, really is back from the dead.

Auto 2 continues the Auto Series which looks at how digital technology and social media will evolve in the near future. The stories are centred around autos, personal digital assistants which manage people’s lives for them, and can even mimic their online behaviour. Find out more about the Auto Series.

Auto is available in multiple eBook formats and Auto 2 will be published later in 2015.