run-cover-ebookRun is the sixth of the eight stories which will make up my forthcoming novel, Auto 2.

If you look closely at the cover, you will see a word encroaching upon it which will be familiar to readers of the first novel. CORECODE has always been an important element of the stories, since it is what allows autos themselves to exist.

In the world of the Auto Series, CORECODE was developed in 2012 by a company called Macroverse. This ground-breaking set of sophisticated algorithms allowed for accurate mimicry of human behaviour. As a result, the Auto-Mate™ was the first personal digital assistant which could manage people’s lives for them, and even mimic their online activity.

Other tech companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft soon produced their own versions which led to autos becoming universal. But all of them rely on CORECODE to some degree, which sits deep in the heart of their operating systems.

The genius who produced CORECODE for Macroverse, Michael Walker, later became infamous as ‘the man who tried to kill the internet’. Feared as the world’s most dangerous cyber-terrorist, he vanished for four years before resurfacing during the events of Auto. In Walker’s hands, could CORECODE become the most insidious threat of the modern age?

Auto 2 continues the Auto Series which looks at how digital technology and social media will evolve in the near future.  Find out more about the Auto Series.

Auto is available in multiple eBook formats and Auto 2 will be published later in 2015.