Signal Failure, my horror/mystery short story, now has over 50 reviews on Amazon UK!

Since its release at the end of July, the eBook has been downloaded from Amazon by over 15,000 readers, plus more than 500 downloads from iTunes and Nook. During that time it has performed very well in the Amazon UK free charts and reached the number one slot in both Horror and Short Stories categories.

Reviews for Signal Failure have generally been positive – it seems that the London Underground appeals to many people, especially as a setting for a spooky tale. Here’s a few of my favourites!

“Compulsive read which often unsettled me but I just had to keep going; very atmospheric and having finished the book I still don’t know what to think.”

“The horrors in the darkness are only hinted at, as opposed to being revealed in gory detail, and this approach works perfectly. Excellent, atmospheric writing and the tension is palpable from the beginning.”

“I don’t normally read horror and half way through this story, I remembered why. It was midnight and I had to put it down for fear of giving myself nightmares.”

“So atmospheric. Travelling on the Piccadilly Line – the one I commute on – will never be the same again.”

“It’s only short but it certainly gets under your skin and leaves you wondering, what exactly did happen? I was certainly left wanting more!”

The timing of the release around the beginning of the Night Tube service also seems to have worked well. I claimed that it was the world’s first Night Tube fiction and so far nobody has contradicted me, so let’s say it’s official!

The only downside is that as this story serves as a prelude for the novel Under, many readers are now demanding that I write that as quickly as possible! Work on the novel is about to resume and I plan to release it in early 2017. To be informed when it is published, you can sign up to my mailing list.

Signal Failure is still available and permanently free. You can download it from the Amazon store in your country via the link

Remember you can also use a free e-reader app on your smartphone or tablet to read it if you don’t own a Kindle.

THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded, read and reviewed Signal Failure. Please keep spreading the word!