Signal Failure teaser poster V1

Signal Failure is a brand new short story, due to be released as an eBook at the end of July 2016.

This 12,000-word tale is a horror/mystery set in the London Underground. As followers of mine will know, this is something I have long had an obsession with! I hope this story will appeal to readers who enjoy spooky suspense, as well as those familiar with travelling on the Tube.

Regular commuters will already be aware of the phrase ‘signal failure’ as a common explanation given for delays to the service. Sometimes this can even result in a train being forced to remain within a tunnel, stranded between stations. When this happens, it’s difficult not to look at the blackness outside the windows and wonder if you really are alone down there.

Signal Failure is also directly inspired by the Night Tube. This is the long-awaited service whereby Underground trains run literally all through the night, at least on the weekends. In August these trains will finally start running on the Central and Victoria Lines, before the service is rolled out to three more lines later this year.

This story is set in early 2017, by which time the Night Tube is running regularly and is an unremarkable thread in London’s tapestry. But the world’s oldest subterranean railway will always retain some secrets…

Although it can be read as a standalone story, Signal Failure is also a prelude to my forthcoming novel.

Under teaser poster V3Under is a full-length novel due out in 2017, both as an eBook and paperback.

This is a book that has been slowly forming over many years, fed by my interest in the strange dark corners of the London Underground. The novel will be a blend of horror, mystery and historical, incorporating some of the railway’s genuinely unsettling past.

Under will be available in Spring 2017, initially as an Amazon eBook. The paperback version will include Signal Failure, to collect together the entire story in print.

At the moment Under is still being written, something I’m enjoying very much and I cannot wait to unleash it on the world! I hope it will be of interest to anyone who has ever been intrigued – or unnerved – by the London Underground.

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Thanks to Liam Doyle for the images used in both teaser posters. Reproduced with kind permission.