Digital detective Joanna O’Donnell’s investigation into a dangerous hacktivist group has ended with her partner dead.

But death is no longer the end. Your auto can keep running after you’ve gone, interacting with those you left behind. So Greg Randall’s auto – Greg A – lives on as a digital echo of the man Joanna loved. The man she got killed.

Joanna discovers Greg A holds the key to the catastrophic revolution the hacktivists have planned. When every auto in the world will betray its user, exposing all secrets publicly on the internet.

A revolution that history will call the First Auto War…


Auto 2 is a 95,000 word novel and is the second full-length book in the Auto Series. This novel includes the previously published stories Hotspot and Tag.

The first novel, Auto, is also available to buy from Amazon.

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Review extracts

“The book is very tightly plotted, well written and held my attention from first to last page. Pacing is good and there is also a good balance between description and story. In fact, the only thing I don’t like is that now I have to start my impatient waiting for the next book all over again.”

“After Auto1 I thought that the innovations were complete and it would now be all about the storyline. David Wailing has just gone and lifted the bar again! Unliving Autos! The Online Church! MyJesus(TM). Citizens in despair if they lost their links to the ‘net and their various kinds of social media. The most chilling thing is, of course, is that the – the way technological society is already heading – the author has has done no less than predict our future (probably).”

“Just finished this one and it’s of the same brilliance as the second one. Made me laugh and cry and the end is fantastic. Cannot wait until the next one… Please let it be out soon!!”

“Auto 2 has it all. It’s funny, scary, futuristic, and there’s even a little romance. It’s a great book that is easy to enjoy but still really makes you think. Auto 3 soon please Mr. Wailing?”