The Auto Series is a collection of stories set in the year 2022, looking at how social media and other internet technology will evolve in the next ten years.

Each Auto story focuses on a different aspect of future life, and is a blend of technology thriller, suspense, science fiction and drama.


In 2022, everyone uses an auto. A digital personal assistant, this ‘super-app’ sets your whole life to automatic.

Joanna O’Donnell has heard stories about autos going wrong. She doesn’t believe it. Until it happens to her.

Auto is a 110,000 word novel featuring the first eight stories from the Auto Series.


auto2-cover-midAuto 2

Joanna O’Donnell’s partner is dead. But his auto – Greg A – lives on as a digital echo of the man she loved. The man she got killed.

Greg A holds the key to a catastrophic revolution when every auto in the world betrays its user, which history will call the First Auto War…

Auto 2 is a 95,000 word novel featuring the second eight stories from the Auto Series.


The Auto series is set in London in the year 2022. By this time, people are even more reliant upon the internet to run their lives, and are constantly online wherever they go. But there is so much information to process, and so many social connections, that it’s impossible to keep track of it all manually. Therefore…

Everyone has an ‘auto’. This is a digital personal assistant, a sophisticated super-app which brings together all of your various online accounts. It automatically takes care of all the routine functions of your life, everything from paying bills to organising your calendar. It is in constant contact with the autos of everyone in your Circle, making sure you never miss anything important, while filtering out the background noise it knows you don’t need.

But more than that: your auto is a ‘digital you’. It knows your purchasing history, your tastes, your hobbies, what you love and hate. It learns from your behaviour and mimics your actions. Not artificial intelligence, just advanced algorithms that make connections between related data, like Amazon and Gmail and Facebook use today. Your auto knows you as well as you know yourself. Maybe better. It never forgets anything.

Each of the main characters in the Auto stories find there can be drawbacks to relying upon autos to run their lives. Especially when they start behaving in unusual ways. Is it just coincidence that these particular autos seem to be extending their reach? Or is there something going on that binds them all together?

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“The ‘Auto-Series’ is single handedly one of the freakiest futuristic worlds I have ever read. I mean, I read some crazy future imaginary worlds but they are generally just that, imaginary. David Wailing writes worlds that are highly probable and they freak me out!”

“David’s concept of an ‘Auto’ is one of those which makes you ask ‘How come nobody else has thought of this?’ and also ‘How long before this becomes reality?'”

“The author has created an all too believable future for his series and, on one level, it is a purely entertaining piece of fiction, but on another, it is a stark warning for what happens when technology spirals out of control.”

“The beauty of David Wailing’s whole Auto series – he takes a look at our online lives now and then fast forwards 10 years into the future and comes up with his vision of how we will be communicating, which sometimes seems extremely good and something you can’t wait to embrace but on the other hand has some very sinister undertones indeed.”

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