One hundred years in the future, enormous mining vessels scour the surface of the Moon, prospecting for valuable metals and minerals. Trapped onboard for months at a time, the crew use drugs, virtual environments, gambling and pitfights to make life bearable.

Joel Miller doesn’t need any of those things. He has a new reason to live.

An enemy.

Miller’s hatred of co-worker Reese has become an all-consuming vendetta. Unable to fight openly, their private war was waged in secret, until now. Now it’s to the death.

But Miller has no idea that there’s a hidden side to his duel. The hate keeping him alive is the most valuable commodity the Moon has to offer… 


Duallists is a 50,000 word science fiction thriller and is available FREE as an eBook from Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Apple iTunes.

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Review extracts

“Excellent futuristic novella set on a ship that’s mining the moon. As usual with Wailing’s work, you think you know what’s going on, but you don’t. Not really. He plays nicely with the theme of identity here–who is Joel, in his heart of hearts? By the end, you’re still not entirely sure–and neither is Joel.”

“As with the author’s Auto series, you get thrown into the future and it is believable. You can feel the claustrophobia of being on a spaceship for years. The tone is adult with a bit of graphic violence.”

“I was fascinated by the imagined technology in the lunar colony, and particularly the range and use of recreational drugs available. During three year stints on the moon, time is going to hang heavy! I also enjoyed the society and its hierarchy and the difference between the living conditions of the workers and the Exex. The ending is a revelation!”

“As with all the books that I’ve read by this author, there is a great depth of thought into the setting of the novel and the characters within. Like a true artist, he has superbly set the scene on this sci-fi tale. Set in a mining ship on the moon, the backdrop to this tale is well thought out and believable.”