Belinda can’t believe it. Her sister Kate finally tries online dating and lines up no less than eight dates!

One of whom knows why Kate has vanished.

To find her, Belinda will have to pretend to be her. Go on her dates, hang out with her friends, fake her entire life.

Only to discover Kate had been faking too, for a very long time…


Fake Kate is a 115,000 word novel available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon and in paperback from the author.

The second edition of Fake Kate was published in December 2015.

Review extracts

“Written in a light-hearted style that is both humorous and easy-to-read, the novel raises issues about identity, relationships, self-knowledge, the subconscious, memory, sight loss and internet dating. It also allowed me to vicariously enter the London clubbing and DJ-ing scene, which was a lot of fun!”

“All in all, a very enjoyable read with likeable characters. Un-put-downable for the last 75% or so, and I found near the end that I was so engrossed, I’d forgotten to breathe!”

“The first half of the book takes you through a series of dates where, as the blurb suggests, Belinda pretends to be her illustrious sister Kate. She meets some interesting characters, ranging from terrifying to hilarious. I was just thinking, “Well, this is a jolly entertaining romantic comedy,” when suddenly it morphed into an outstanding psychological thriller! Although I was enjoying the dates, the change in direction was welcome and turned a good story into a tremendous one, with twists, turns and red herrings galore.”

“The ending of this book seems to have divided readers. You can count me firmly in the positive camp. I love it when an author leaves me something to think about. This is a great story, well told.”

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