Siobhan O’Donnell’s holiday in London wouldn’t be complete without a night at Choon – the hottest club in town!

Like all young clubbers in 2022, Siobhan and her girlfriends rely on their autos to help them enjoy an exciting night out. Especially when it comes to meeting boys. Without your auto to match profiles and calculate compatibility, how else can you find out if someone’s Hot/Not?

But there are some things, and some people, an auto can’t deal with. Siobhan discovers that when the online world is ripped away, reality can burn…


Hotspot is a 7,000 word story and is part of the Auto Series.

The Auto series is set in the year 2022 and looks at how social media will evolve in the next ten years.

Hotspot was first published in Off the KUF Volume 1, an anthology of short fiction from the Kindle Users Forum, edited by David Wailing.

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“‘Hotspot’ is another standalone story from David Wailing’s popular and successful Auto series. Set in a future where technology runs rampant, this is another tale cleverly mixing humour and something more serious.”

“I have been a fan of David Wailing for quite some time and his Auto series of short stories, of which this is one, always make for a good, quick thought provoking read. I “like” his vision of the near future, in this case 2022, and his predictions of just how far technology and social media will evolve, to the point where actually talking to people face to face will be something of a social “no no”. It all seems scarily plausible.”

“Another enjoyable installment in this series. It’s on the short side, but it shows how quickly people can be changed by technology, and not in good ways. As always, Wailing’s stories work on several levels, and I can’t wait to see “big picture” that he’s working toward.”