What will social media be like in ten years time?

Like everyone in the year 2022, Amy relies on her auto. It’s the digital version of her: filtering the internet, interacting online, organising her calendar and automating every aspect of her life.

Even her love life.

Amy’s auto knows who should be her partner. Whether she likes it or not…


Relationship Status is a 7,000 word short story and is part of the Auto series.

Review extracts

“This is a brilliant and unforgettable story. It makes fun of reliance on social networks, but in a really intelligent way. The story also makes some points about society but most of all, it is entertaining and easy to read. David’s concept of an “Auto” is one of those which makes you ask “How come nobody else has thought of this?” and also “How long before this becomes reality?”

“Like Mr Wailing’s other futuristic short story (Timeline), this offering throws the reader into the maelstrom world of 24/7 interconnectedness of the 2020’s. The story is fast paced, and events come thick and fast. Along the way there are some surprises and nice touches – even the latest Kindle gets a mention. There are laughs and a much darker undertone, which comes through the prose.”

“Short, sweet and rather creepy! Imagine a world where your electronic device ‘manages’ your life: taking care of the boring ‘chores’ of communication. Those social niceties such as ”happy birthday”, ”congratulations”, ”sorry to hear your bad news” automatically update to friends and acquaintances. Now imagine that spiralling out of control, taking hold of your identity.”

“I thought this a very appropriate story for the current times with our increasing dependance on ‘smart’ phones, internet, wirelessness, social media sites such as twitter and Facebook and all other sorts of technology. It is exciting and yet terrifying to think that perhaps this will be how life works in 10 years time!”

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