It’s always risky, meeting a strange man for the first time. But not for Joanna O’Donnell. Not in the year 2022.

Her auto – a digital assistant – has scoured his history, his entire timeline. Working for a detective agency, Joanna knows how to unearth secrets.

Joanna’s auto calculates that her date is 85% compatible with her. At last, she’s found her match!

And then, moments before they meet, Joanna’s auto reports there is a 24% chance this man will kill her.


Timeline is a 10,000 word short story and is part of the Auto series.

Timeline won first place in both the Science Fiction and Short Stories and Novelettes categories of the Best Indie Books of 2012 Awards, run by Indie Book Bargains.

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Review extracts

“I’m not really a science fiction fan so was surprised to find that Timeline is my favourite David Wailing title so far. This short story is amusing, eye-opening and fills you with adrenalin.”

“Set in the early 2020s this story is a great projection of our current online life. The story takes current things such as online profiles, circles of friends, targeted marketing, internet history tracking, GPS positioning and smartphone like devices to extremes – Each development is perfectly logical in its own way, but as a whole it paints a frightening picture of the future – a future with virtually no personal privacy at all.”

“What is great about this story, and about Relationship Status to the same extent, it’s that David Wailing has taken the present, evolved it into a future that is rather plausible, added to it a little pinch of humour (and I still think there is a certain element of satire), and transformed the whole into an interesting and rather thought-provoking story.”

“A fabulous short story that really had the adrenalin going! I had no idea how it was going to end. Again the whole auto thing kind of freaks me out, especially when it comes to the deceased still being able to communicate with the living. The whole idea always has me wondering if this is the way our society is heading and will we one day not really socialise with our colleagues friends and neighbours? A great thrill of a read.”

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