storywork-logo-midWhen an author’s blog doesn’t get updated as frequently as it once did, you may assume it’s because he is too busy working on a book. In my case, I confess this is sort of true. In fact I’ve been working on lots of books – just not my own!

Since leaving regular employment in February, I have been happily running Storywork Editing Services. Although there is some uncertainty in giving up a steady job to become self-employed, I can honestly say the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. So I hope to continue working as an editor and proofreader for a long time.

I’m very lucky to have avoided the typical curse of the freelancer: the difficulty of finding new clients. During 2014 I have been steadily employed by many indie authors to work on everything from epic sagas to short stories, and even a few blurbs. In recent months I have edited a wide range of genres including historical fiction, paranormal romance, humour, horror, science fiction, erotica and mystery thrillers. No chance of being bored!

As an author myself, I’m well aware of how nerve-wracking it can be to hand your prrrrreciousssssssssss over to some total stranger to be edited. All manner of terrified questions will run through the author’s head, including:

  • What if he just doesn’t understand my unique writing style?
  • What if he thinks I’m crap and wants to change everything?
  • What if he’s right and I really AM crap?
  • What if he brutally bludgeons all my lovely semicolons out of existence?!


Fortunately, my client testimonials suggest that I’m managing to put most people’s fears at rest. But just to be sure, my answers are:

  • I will never alter your style, only make it work the way you want it to.
  • I will only suggest revisions that help you more effectively tell your story.
  • Of course you’re not crap – by hiring an editor, you are acting like a true professional who cares about his or her work. Well done!
  • I now have my hatred of semicolons under control and will only bludgeon those used incorrectly. (But yes, it might be brutal.)


For any authors who find that a huge relief and are considering using my services, my next available period is in January 2015. So if you are planning to release something next year, it’s best to book a slot well in advance.

The one book that hasn’t benefitted during this year is my own! I am continuing to write Auto 2 but since Storywork is my only source of income, obviously the editing work has taken priority. So sadly, the next book in the Auto Series won’t be out this year after all.

However, I am booking December off to lock myself away and focus on writing. Just imagine a sign on my virtual door saying CLOSED UNTIL 2015 above a picture of a concussed and bleeding semicolon.

If you do need editing services during this time, drop me a line and I can recommend some other editors of my acquaintance. They will do a fantastic job and might even be more merciful when it comes to wayward punctuation.

More about me on the Storywork website at, and for any questions or quotes, get in touch using the contact form.