Storywork Editing Services is my new business, officially launching this month! I am now offering affordable editing and proofreading services to both individuals and organisations.

This new freelance role combines my professional experience as a digital content editor with my work on the indie publishing scene.

Since last summer, I have been serving as the editor for the Off the KUF short fiction anthologies, published by the Kindle Users Forum. This has meant working closely with many indie authors on a wide range of stories in multiple genres, and has been a real learning experience. It was after this that my editorial ambitions became sharpened. There are many talented writers who I am keen to work with on producing fiction to a professional standard.

Storywork will offer both proofreading and line editing, as well as some additional services such as blurb writing and eBook formatting. And it’s not just authors who are welcome as clients – any organisations with a project that may benefit from editorial help are welcome too.

Don’t worry – I’m not giving up being an author! I’m still writing new stories in the Auto Series, due for release later this year.

Find out more about Storywork Editing Services on the website at

If you have any questions about the services or would like to request a quotation, dop me a line using the Contact form.