tag-cover-largeFollowing on from the first two stories of Auto 2, Update and Hotspot, here is the cover for the third story in the forthcoming novel which is called Tag.

As with Hotspot, Tag already exists as a standalone story in the Auto Series. It was originally published in the second volume of the Kindle Users Forum short fiction anthology Off the KUF.

Tag looks at what urban graffiti will evolve into in the digital age. We are introduced to the character Jay as he cycles around the streets of London at night, drive-by hacking into people’s wi-fi devices.

But rather than stealing money or data, Jay is only after words – scraps of the stories that ordinary people are currently reading on their phones and e-readers. It is by reworking these stolen sentences that Jay can compose his own micro-fiction, to be posted on internet placewalls around the city: the ‘tagraffiti’ that is as innovative as it is illegal.

I wrote Tag while serving as editor for the KUF anthologies, and made use of an opportunity. Jay’s micro-fiction is all comprised of quotes from actual stories published in Off the KUF Volume 2! This was quite a challenge to piece together new narratives using fragments of other authors’ tales, the proper term for which is a ‘cento’. In Tag, ¢entø is the name of a mysterious tagraffiti artist who has remained anonymous, much like Banksy, and who Jay is trying to supersede as the new master of this digital artform.

You can buy and download Tag from Amazon now or read it as part of the new novel!

Auto 2 continues the Auto Series which looks at how digital technology and social media will evolve in the near future. The stories are centred around autos, personal digital assistants which manage people’s lives for them, and can even mimic their online behaviour. Find out more about the Auto Series.

Auto is available in multiple eBook formats and Auto 2 will be published later in 2015.