Tag, a new story in the Auto Series, is now available to buy as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.

In 2022, graffiti has gone digital. ‘Tagraffiti’ is the new form of street art, made up of online tags posted onto internet placewalls across the city.

Nobody knows who Jay is as he rides through London, drive-by hacking into people’s wi-fi. He only has one night to create a piece of tag-fiction to rival ¢entø, the most famous tagraffiti artist of all time. And like ¢entø, Jay has to stay anonymous.

The clock is ticking. The police are in pursuit. If they find out what Jay’s real name is…

Tag. You’re it.


Tag is a standalone story and can be read independently, but also forms part of the larger Auto Series. This is set in the year 2022 and looks at how social media will evolve in the next ten years.

Buy Tag from Amazon for the Kindle.

Tag is the second story, along with Hotspot, that will form part the forthcoming novel Auto 2.

Tag was first published in Off the KUF Volume 2, an anthology of short fiction from the Kindle Users Forum, edited by David Wailing.