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  • Under

    Nobody ever sees the abandoned ‘ghost stations’ of the London Underground. Nobody except Jake’s crew of urban explorers. They think they’re infiltrating another disused Tube station tonight, but he hasn’t … Continue reading

  • Signal Failure

    It’s four in the morning and Emily is heading home on a London Underground train. But the Night Tube is running slow tonight – delays caused by a signal failure, … Continue reading

  • Duallists

    ON THE MOON, EVERYONE HAS A DARK SIDE. One hundred years in the future, enormous mining vessels scour the surface of the Moon, prospecting for valuable metals and minerals. Trapped … Continue reading

  • Tag

    In 2022, graffiti has gone digital. ‘Tagraffiti’ is the new form of street art, made up of online tags posted onto internet placewalls across the city. Nobody knows who Jay … Continue reading

  • Hotspot


    Siobhan O’Donnell’s holiday in London wouldn’t be complete without a night at Choon – the hottest club in town! Like all young clubbers in 2022, Siobhan and her girlfriends rely … Continue reading

  • Auto


    YOU – ON AUTOMATIC. In 2022, everyone uses an auto. This sophisticated ‘super-app’ is a digital personal assistant which acts on your behalf. It knows your personality and habits – … Continue reading

  • Fifth Season

    Fifth Season contains two short stories about seasons, childhood and the end of the world. Over 11,000 words total. Fifth Season Duncan was nine years old on 5/5. That was … Continue reading

  • Backup

    Being dead has moved with the times. In 2022, everyone has an auto, a personal assistant which acts like a digital version of you. But what if your auto doesn’t … Continue reading

  • Friend Request

    Nick Brady gets a dozen friend requests a day. Like most people in 2022, these are handled by his auto, digitally organising his entire life. But this friend request is … Continue reading

  • Timeline

    It’s always risky, meeting a strange man for the first time. But not for Joanna O’Donnell. Not in the year 2022. Her auto – a digital assistant – has scoured … Continue reading

  • Relationship Status

    What will social media be like in ten years time? Like everyone in the year 2022, Amy relies on her auto. It’s the digital version of her: filtering the internet, … Continue reading

  • Fake Kate cover

    Fake Kate

    TWO FACES ARE BETTER THAN ONE… Belinda can’t believe it. Her sister Kate finally tries online dating and lines up no less than eight dates! One of whom knows why Kate … Continue reading

  • Bang - cover


    DON’T NEED THE OTHER HALF ANY MORE? TAKE THEM OUT. So, you’ve hired a detective agency to prove your partner is cheating on you. But there’s no evidence to be … Continue reading

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Signal Failure – new short story available for free

Posted on by David Wailing

Signal Failure is a brand new short story, available now in multiple eBook formats for FREE! This is a 12,000-word horror/mystery story set on the London Underground. As well as being … Continue reading

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