My short stories Timeline and Friend Request are both FREE to download as Kindle ebooks from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th October!

These stories are part of the Auto series, which looks at what social media and the internet will be like in ten years time. Other stories in the series include Relationship Status, Backup and the forthcoming Copy. A full-length collection will be available next year.

In Timeline, digital detective Joanna O’Donnell goes on a first date with a man her auto says is 85% compatible with her. She’s found her match! And then, moments before they meet, Joanna’s auto reports there is a 24% chance this man will kill her.

In Friend Request, Nick Brady discovers a stranger is in a secret relationship with his wife, acccording to his own status. Is Nick’s wife cheating on him with one of the guests at their anniversary party? How well does anyone know all their online friends?

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