I want you to imagine your life as a Tube line.

Picture it: your whole life represented as one single line running across the London Underground map. The You Line.

It starts with your birth and ends with your death, and along the way there are many stops – big events, important days, significant incidents.

There might be stations called Exam Pass Cross or Graduation Heights, for example. A little farther on awaits Job Junction and Promotion Rise.

Hopefully you will avoid stopping in undesirable areas like Black Dog Downs or Poverty Common. Although, if you travel for long enough, you will inevitably have to pass through Parents’ End.

Then there will be other lines which connect with your own. A range of multicoloured lines for your close friends, intersecting at University Circus or Flatshare House. There may be brief one-off connections at Stranger Lane or Affairgate. Or you might run in parallel to a Girlfriend Line or a Husband Line.

Your journey will likely take you through First Kiss Park and Upper Romance. You could find yourself pulling into Wedding Walk, and perhaps Divorce Bridge a few stops later. If one of your stations is Baby Way, you might even have a brand new line begin its journey from your own.

Of course you will eventually reach a terminus. The last stop. You have no way of knowing how long your line will go on for. Some stretch out with only a handful of stations, while others cram many into a short distance. The only certainty is that, sooner or later, your train of days will run out of track. You will arrive at Breath Halt.

This life terminates here. All change please.

Imagine your life as a Tube line… and then wonder where your ghost stations are.

Days you don’t recall. Events that you tell yourself never happened. Things you are terrified to remember. The parts of your world that have been closed down, bricked over, abandoned, left to rot.

I know you have them. I think we all do. I can’t be the only one.

My name is Mike Thames. This is the story of how stations which never appeared on the map of my memory were brought to the surface. How I unearthed my family’s secret history, and discovered what was buried beneath my life.

This is the truth about what’s under the Underground. What’s under us all.


Under, a horror/mystery novel set on the London Underground, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The short story Signal Failure, a prelude to Under, is available to download from Amazon for free.

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