Under teaser poster V2AUNDER is a new novel that I am currently writing, and will be out by the end of 2016.

Under is a horror/mystery story set in the London Underground. It also includes historical elements as it looks at some of the myths and tales that surround the world’s oldest underground railway.

As a native Londoner, I am a regular traveller on the Tube and have long been fascinated by it. There are places where it feels decaying and dangerous, yet other places where it is futuristic and entrancing. And there are areas that commuters never see, including disused ‘ghost’ stations buried beneath the city.

My mild obsession with the Tube has always been there, but apart from one short story many years ago, it has never featured in my writing. Now I am finally focusing my attention on it with a novel that, I hope, will linger in the minds of readers every time they descend into the London Underground.

For readers of the Auto Series, rest assured that has not been forgotten! There will also be a brand new Auto story this year, and Auto 3 is still in the pipeline.

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Thanks to Liam Doyle for the image used in the teaser poster. Reproduced with kind permission.