Under, my latest novel, is now available as a paperback edition from Amazon!

This is the first time in many years that I have produced a hard copy of one of my books. As much as I adore eBooks, there is definitely something satisfying about being able to physically hold a copy of your own work! I feel that this particular story lends itself well to the old-fashioned ways of ink and paper, considering how much history it covers.

Another advantage of the paperback edition is that it contains the short story Signal Failure. This was always intended to act as a prelude to Under, so it works well by being included at the beginning of the printed novel.

To produce this book I am using Kindle Direct Publishing, who will print and deliver individual copies of the paperback on request. This means you can order it directly from Amazon.

The book is available at the introductory price of £7.99 in the UK, €8.99 in Europe and $8.99 in the US.

The Kindle eBook version of Under is also still available from the same page on Amazon. Signal Failure remains permanently free to download from Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iTunes.

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