update-cover-largeFollowing the same structure as in Auto, my forthcoming novel Auto 2 is comprised of eight separate stories. Each of these stories has their own theme and plot but tie together to form one novel-length narrative.

They each have their own cover image too, and displayed here is the cover for Update, the first story in Auto 2.

Update picks up shortly after the end of Auto, and focuses on the character Joanna O’Donnell. A digital detective for Global Investigations (UK) Ltd, Joanna’s life has been twisted inside-out by events in the first novel, and an unexpected death has hit her hard. But in the year 2022, death isn’t quite as final as it used to be…

Update looks at what we leave behind when we die, and how this entire concept has been altered by the internet age. Our legacies can be digitally preserved forever and even made interactive. What happens when the Facebook pages of the recently departed not only receive messages of condolence, but start answering back?

Auto 2 continues the Auto Series which looks at how digital technology and social media will evolve in the near future. The stories are centred around autos, personal digital assistants which manage people’s lives for them, and can even mimic their online behaviour. Find out more about the Auto Series.

This is the first in a series of posts that will reveal the covers of each of the eight stories as well as a few details.

Auto is available in multiple eBook formats and Auto 2 will be published later in 2015.