This might as well be a blank page since I haven’t actually written anything! But with 2018 on the way out, here’s a short end-of-year update anyway.

I published my most recent novel Under at the start of the year, the culmination of my long-held interests in the London Underground and the spooky history of London itself. A couple of months later came the paperback version, which also includes the short story Signal Failure.

I never intended for there to be any kind of sequel, although for a while I planned to write a spin-off story set in the same (under)world. With the title Tyburn Cross, it would have explored the grotesque history of the Tyburn area of London and expanded upon the subterranean secrets discovered in Under.

However, it soon became clear that my creative writing was entering a fallow period. For the last ten years or so, I have been working almost continually on one novel after another. Under was an especially intense book to write, involving much research and time. So I feel that there needs to be a gap before I properly begin writing again, in order to build up enthusiasm for the next project.

Most of 2018 has been focused on earning a living by writing and editing on a freelance basis, which is a fantastic situation. I’m very lucky to be able to use my writing skills to pay the bills – just about! – without having to commute to an office. The only drawback is that if I want a coffee, I actually have to get up and make it myself, which is pretty tough.

In the meantime, I have been making notes and gathering information for my next novel, so that part of my brain obviously hasn’t shut down completely! It’s best not to confirm what that novel will be, since it’s extremely early days and my plans may change. Once work on it properly begins then I will announce full details.

To celebrate the end of the year, over the next couple of weeks I will make a few of my novels free to download from Amazon. To be informed about these, and to stay updated about forthcoming projects, you can subscribe to my mailing list.

Right, time for that coffee.