We apologise for the slow running of this website. This is due to a signal failure…

Well, it was a little more complicated than that, but unfortunately my blog was down for well over a month. However, normal service has now been resumed so here is a new blog post!

At the moment, there is little to report other than an update on my current writing project, Under. This is a horror/mystery novel set on the London Underground that has been in the pipeline (or perhaps ‘in the tunnel’) for the past year or so.

On this page you can see some of my research for Under. It’s not quite as daunting as it looks, since most of those books are as entertaining as they are informative, and frankly I love this kind of thing! I have also been scouring the internet, chatting to various experts and even visiting abandoned Underground stations.

To dedicate some proper writing time to this book, I have taken a few months off my editing work. Being able to do so is one of the great benefits of being a self-employed freelancer, and I’m sure authors who have proper day jobs are snarling at me with jealousy. I well remember many years of sitting in offices thinking I would do anything to be at home writing instead.

On the downside, this also means I’m literally giving up several months’ worth of income to write something which is very unlikely to earn me the same amount in book sales. Sometimes being a writer means risking a great deal for your art.

Last year I released the free short story Signal Failure, which is also set on the London Underground – the world’s first Night Tube fiction! This acts as a prelude to Under and was also a way of testing the water (or maybe ‘laying the track’) for that style of story.

I’m very pleased to say that many readers enjoyed it and were generous with their reviews, although some were frustrated that it offered few answers. This is the nature of a prelude to a mystery novel so I hope that when Under is published, it alleviates their frustration.

As to when exactly it will be published… despite my recent progress, it’s still a little early to say! But it will definitely be later in 2017, and it will be available in both paperback and eBook formats.

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In the meantime, Signal Failure remains free to download as a Kindle eBook from Amazon. You can also download a few more of my free eBooks from this site.