It’s been a very long time since I updated this blog, but at least it’s for a good reason…

In recent months I have been focused almost entirely on writing. So my main piece of news is that my new novel Under is now completely written!

Under is a horror/mystery novel – with some aspects of a historical – set in the London Underground. This is the culmination of my long-standing interest in the Tube and all of its strange and shadowy corners.

Although the novel finally exists, there is some way to go before it can be published.

I currently have a few beta-readers casting their laser-sharp eyes over it, so I anticipate there being corrections and rewrites in response to their feedback. This can be quite an anxious time for an author, when the work is finally exposed to other people, following months or years of it being developed. It’s a bit like sending your child to the first day of school!

Once the book is finalised, I plan to submit it to Kindle Scout. This is a website that allows authors to upload an opening excerpt from their brand new book. There it can be read and nominated for publication with Kindle Press, which is part of Amazon. This is when I will be asking my readers for their help in spreading the word, and when you can read the beginning of Under for free.

If Under isn’t successful with Kindle Scout then it will be independently published on Amazon, as with all my other books. However, this time I plan to include a paperback version alongside the eBook.

All of the above means that, as per the image on this post, you can expect Under to finally arrive in early 2018 rather than this year. Although this is later than planned, I hope it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, for anyone who hasn’t already read it, my short story Signal Failure remains free to download from Amazon. This acts as a prelude to Under, telling the story of what happens when a Night Tube train becomes stuck in the tunnel between stations and all the lights go off…

You can also download a few more of my free eBooks from this site.