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Nadu Mechanical new website on the line

Nadu Mechanical new website on the line
Mechanical main products Nadu: SJ series high and low film blowing machine; Double color film blowing machine section; uneven color of buckle ziplock bag film blowing machine; SJ polypropylene film blowing machine series, SJ series of co-extruded blown film unit; high-speed four-light Automatic Sealing and Cutting Bag-Making Machine control; computer eagerly side sealing system (0PP) exclusive; computer color vision tracking (double layer) closure cut bag machine; computer tracking eagerly the whole bag machine; rotary die film blowing machine; four-color flexible Letterpress printing; high-speed precision slitting machine; computer high-speed letterpress printing; made ??of recycled plastic feeder; automatic bag slipped one machine; sold throughout the country and exported to France, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, forty Middle East and Southeast Asia countries and regions.


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