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Flexible Plate Copying Apparatus DF-400/600/800

Resin platemaking equipment for the series of photographic collection, version washing, drying and other functions into one, structural precision, the use of materials known.
* Philips exclusive import copy lights, Philips Ballast
* Japan imports diffuse reflectance UV exhaust film version
* imports washing hair, silk, aluminum alloy floor, never deformation. Brush pressure regulator convenience
* thermostat Wind knife, import motor blowing strong,
* fast drying imports to the United States temperature sensor
* stainless steel shell, is durable and
* Never take the SCM process control computer, a fully electronic digital display
* with imports from viscose and washed version of convenience, Automatic washing cycle version of this series machines Myrtle high accuracy, easy operation, the maximum net up to 200 lines, is the production of stickers trademarks, Bush superscript, Ribbon, seals, cans, hoses, etc. Toppan Printing ideal platemaking equipment





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