Decorate Paper Printing And Coating Machine

Ues:The machine is produced with international advanced coating technology integrated with our many years of experiences in manufacturing coating machine. It is suitable for soft material such as PE proteciton film, sensitive pressure label, glass paper, etc.

Characteristics and features:
1.Flat structurs is used for dry oven, with track chain for transporting material.
2.Frequency-control stepless regulation is adopted for whole machine set.
3.High automation level, easy for operation and maintenane.
4.Drying oven is added behind cooling box, with multi-stage control of temperature.
5.Two-position rotary winding table is adopted, realizing automatic rewinding by fixed length with no need for stopping machine.

Main Technical Variables:

Model of Machine BTHV-1100 BTHV-1300 BTHV-1600
Validity Width 1100mm 1300mm 1600mm
Speedofmachine 5~50m/min 5~50m/min 5~50m/min
Ovenlength 14~24m(Contain refrigeratory 4m)
Drawway Shift coating / direct coating
Heatingway Heating by electrical

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